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Are Media and PR Pros Ready to Embrace Tweeter Sized News Release?

Muck Rack, a site primarily known for aggregating tweets from journalists in real-time, has just pressed go on a new type of press release — the one line Twitter-style release.

Launched in conjunction with their one-line PR partner PepsiCo, Muck Rack’s now monetizing by offering a new service for PR pros to publish one line press releases, up to 130 characters long, that can include links to other media and press kits, at a rate of $1 per character with a $50 minimum.

Muck Rack is hoping to capitalize on the short attention span of journalists and the anxious PR people who want to reach them quickly and in short-form. Should you opt to use their service, just type your tweet-like release, hit submit, pay through PayPal, and voilà: your release gets published to Muck Rack’s release page and shared via their Twitter account (which currently has just 3,433 followers).

So what’s the advantage of using Muck Rack over your own Twitter network or standard distribution channels? At the moment, there’s absolutely no advantage if you already have a strong following on Twitter, because you can essentially release news the same way without the fee. Case in point, since their launch 12 hours ago, there’s only been two original releases shared via Muck Ruck, one courtesy of their launch partner PepsiCo and the other a rather mundane update from HootSuite, a Twitter web service. Neither appear to be creating much buzz so far.

However, if more and more journalists get hip to the service, and better news get released via Muck Rack, then you could have a potential situation where bloggers, journalists, and reporters have their eyes glued to Muck Rack’s Twitter stream and news page. Should that be the case, many a PR pro will gladly pay the $1 per character for that type of exposure. It all comes down to audience, attention span, and clout. It’s one of those chicken and egg situations.

I’ll follow Muck Rack for the immediate future to see if anything newsworthy pops up, but we’re curious to know if you’re planning to use the service or follow along. Let us know your thoughts on whether or not you think Muck Rack’s one line press release offering will be an industry hit or miss.


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