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MMC Kicks Off Program with GÜP, An Industry Leader in Fixing Flat Tires

MMC has kicked off a marketing public relations program for GÜP, an industry leader in fixing flat tires. The innovative leader in fixing flats has mountain bikers, road riders, e-bikers, commuters and recreational bicyclists covered with the choice of its new 125ml canister Kwiki Hose (Schader & Presta valves) and Kwiki Speed Adapter (Presta only) quick fix tire sealant and inflator enabling riders to fill and seal tires of numerous dimensions in all categories of bicycling; while also working with tubeless, tubed, and tubular tires. With two easy-to-use adapters for bicyclists to choose from, GÜP has been considered the ultimate backup plan for cyclists all over the world.

GÜP’s latex-based foaming formula can help seal and inflate tires in seconds and injects straight through the valve core; with no extra tools required and no need to remove your wheel. You can be back on your ride in no time. “GÜP gives riders a chance to get back in their saddles faster; whether they’re competing in a race or commuting to work”, said Tomas Petricko, founder of GÜP Industries.

A GÜP canister has enough pressure to reseat a burped tubeless tire, which is why it has quickly become a reliable way for Enduro racers and mountain bikers to avoid those dreaded DNFs on race day or hiking back to the trailhead. GÜP has quickly become a key accessory for electric bicycles; helping the rider to quickly fix and reinflate a flat tire without having to carry extra tools to remove the wheel.

GÜP’s formula is compatible with most major sealants on the market; both latex and non-latex based. Proven to seal up to a 6mm puncture on tubeless tires, GÜP will inflate a 29×2.4 MTB tire up to 29 psi. GÜP canisters only weigh 4.3 ounces / 122 grams; and a Holster is available for easily carrying a canister on your bicycle frame. Give the gift of GÜP and help simplify the fix. Kwiki Hose (Schader & Presta valves) and Kwiki Speed Adapter (Presta only) are both priced at $14.99 and are available at #FearNoFlats


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