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MMC Working with ZEAL® Pro Bike Covers

MMC is working with St. George, Utah based ZEAL® Pro on a marketing public relations program to promote its new bike cover that protects a mountain bike, electric mountain bike, or fat-tire bike from XS to XL (with up to 29” wheels) on tray-based, post-mast, and front wheel hanging racks, while allowing all the traditional rack securing mechanisms to pass through the bike/cover combo while still protecting the bike. Additionally, a ZEAL Pro Light Kit that utilizes the vehicle’s 4-pin trailer plug is available and can be mounted on the cover to ensure that when the bike/cover combo are behind the vehicle you’ll continue to have full functioning taillights.

“Whether you’re a weekend warrior, or a pro racer, you’ve invested a lot into the sport to have your best day on the trail — and that includes your bike and equipment. While a mountain bike is expected to get dirty, access to some of the best trails often requires transporting them long distances on vehicle-based bike racks, which unnecessarily exposes them to grit and grime that shortens the life of the bike and components, and negatively impacts performance,” said Gabe Waters, founder and CEO of ZEAL Pro.

“We’re passionate at protecting your investment by providing the best product possible for mountain, fat-tire and electric mountain bikes. An engineer from a well-known bearing manufacturer once approached our booth at an event to look at our cover and said, ‘if people knew how much damage they are doing transporting their bikes on racks without a cover, they’d all be over here buying one of these’” … we agree!”

The ZEAL Pro mountain bike cover is built to withstand the realities of being on a bike rack and traveling short and long distances and through the gnarliest of storms. The cover also provides an additional level of theft protection, obscuring which bike model is under the cover. With a proprietary combination of heavy-duty neoprene, nylon, and a waterproof and abrasion eliminating backing, and great engineering, the ZEAL Pro bike cover is designed to protect your bike so that it’s ready to perform when you need it to.

Other design features include:
• A flexible, neoprene-based section at the fork that allows your front wheel to rotate up to 90 degrees
• Includes removable handlebar covers (ZEAL® Pro Skinny Pawz) that can be removed to allow ZEAL® Pro Fat Pawz (sold separately here) to be attached to accommodate larger bar ends or handlebar mitts (i.e., this same bag can be used on your fat-bike!)
• An expandable handlebar section to make it easier to pull the cover over the handlebars
• Front and rear wheel pass-throughs that allow rack straps to pass through for securing to racks with straps
• An opening under the crown of the fork which allows you to secure the bike to front fork and front wheel handing racks
• Accommodates tires / wheels up to 29″ x 4″ or fat-tire tires up to 6”

• Mountain bike cover MSRP — $399.00

• Not recommended for roof racks

• For more information on ZEAL Pro, visit

• ZEAL Pro Mountain Bike Cover Gallery is here —


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