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DAHON’s Flatpak Technology on New IOS D9 Covered on Bike Rumor

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As a leading manufacturer of folding bikes for over 30 years, Dahon didn’t just create one folding system and use it on all their bicycles, but instead have continued brainstorming to produce a few different designs like the nearly invisible lockjaw hinge that Bikerumor recently previewed. One of their other innovations is Dahon’s Flatpak technology, which allows a bike to quickly fold into a narrow shape with the handlebars turned and pedals removed or flipped up.

The Flatpak components are equipped on some non-folding hardtail models from Dahon, which provide similar advantages to the aftermarket Flipcrown system. The IOS D9 bicycle goes a step further by employing the Flatpak design and components, but still folding down fully for even more compact storage or transit purposes.

In six steps, Dahon’s Flatpak bikes can be whittled down to a width of approximately 7? for squeezing into narrow spaces like hallways, storage lockers or even beside your work station. The stem features a quick-release handle which is flipped up to allow the handlebars to rotate side-to-side freely and rest against the bike. The handlebars can also be rotated so your brake levers face down and don’t protrude outwards.

Depending on the model, the bike’s pedals are either removed via their quick-release connections and stowed in a holster on the seat mast, or folded up as on the IOS D9. There is also a tab under the down tube that holds your front wheel straight while the bike is in flat mode.

If the Flatpak design still isn’t small enough for your needs, the folded dimensions of the IOS D9 are 30”x17.3”x34.3” with the frame collapsed.

As for specs and components, the IOS D9 features a hydroformed Dalloy aluminum frame with Dahon’s forged lattice hinge and V-Clamp technologies. Dahon has spent years perfecting their mid-tube lattice hinge, which is light in weight but strong and durable. The V-Clamp is used on their high-performance bikes, and employs brass and stainless steel bushings in a design that locks solidly on a large, flat surface.

Although it’s considered part of Dahon’s recreation collection, this bike is outfitted with some performance oriented componentry. The handlepost is a forged aluminum unit with a 35mm dual clamp offset stem system. The IOS D9 also features an aluminum fork, larger 24” wheels versus the often used 20’s, high pressure Schwalbe tires, mechanical disc brakes with 160mm rotors, and a nine speed Shimano drivetrain with trigger shifters. The complete bike weight is listed at 28.7lbs.

The IOS D9 comes in sable with gold accents. It sells for $1,099.00 USD, and is available at Dahon dealers across North America.


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