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Lumos Helmet Receives London Design Museum Beazley Design Award in Transport Category — World’s First Smart Bicycle Helmet Features Integrated Lights, Brake and Turn Signals

February 2, 2017 — Lumos Helmet has received the London Design Museum Beazley’s Designs of the Year Award. The prestigious annual Beazley’s Designs of the Year award by the London Design Museum is an exhibition featuring 70 designs nominated by academics and industry experts. Experts are asked to put forward designs that “promote or deliver change, enable access, extend design practice, or capture the spirit of the year and the issues that define our time.” Out of these 70 nominees, the Lumos Helmet has been named the award winner in the transport category!

Read more about the Design Museum and the awards HERE

Lumos is the world’s first smart bicycle helmet to integrate lights, brake, and turn signals. Designed specifically with urban cyclists in mind, Lumos is the ultimate bicycle helmet to help cyclists stay safe and dramatically enhance their visible on the road. Lumos has garnered multiple awards for its groundbreaking innovation including Cycling Weekly’s Best Cycling Innovations, Eurobike 2016 Best in Show, and The London Design Museum’s Beazley Design of the Year award.

Lumos is changing the face of city cycling everywhere. Now available for purchase at Helmets are available in Charcoal Black, Pearl White and Cobalt Blue. MSRP $179.00, with free shipping.

“This started as just an idea for a helmet that we wanted for ourselves so that we would always have a great set of lights with us,” said Eu-wen Ding, Lumos Helmet co-founder and CEO. “Now Lumos is here and thousands of people are using it to make their ride safer all around the world. We hope Lumos will help make our roads safer for all riders.”


Launched to the world on Kickstarter, Lumos took the cycling world by storm, raising $800K over a 30-day campaign. Lumos is a new and innovative bicycle helmet designed to improve your visibility and ability to communicate your intentions to motorists when riding in traffic. Lumos is the world’s first urban bicycle helmet to feature lights, brake, and turn signals beautifully integrated into the helmet. Lumos is the ultimate urban bicycle helmet combining bicycle safety and visibility with state-of-the-art technology. Find out more at Lumos.


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