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Redshift Sports Switch Aero System Featured in Road Bike Review


The Lowdown: Redshift Sports Switch Aero System

“The Redshift Sports Switch Aero System is designed to make it simple to convert a road bike to triathlon use with easy-to-remove aerobars and a dual-position seatpost that allows the rider to get into the more forward “tri” position. The seat post can switch positions on the fly, giving you a full 50mm of fore/aft adjustment. The aerobars are comfortable, though slightly wide because the bar mounts are outboard of the quick release mechanism. But the bars still felt good and there were no creaks or slippage, and the pads were very good. Bottom line, Redshift provides a compelling, easy to install and easy to use solution for roadies who dabble in triathlon and new triathletes who don’t want to spend a fortune on aero gear.”

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