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GHG Associates Has An Rx for Managing Conflict in Start-Ups and Small Emerging Companies

SAN DIEGO, CA — November 11, 2009 — GHG and Associates, a newly formed consulting firm, brings behavioral science to business. Psychiatrist Steve Heidel, M.D, M.B.A, Psychologist Don Grayson, Ph.D, and Bob Glasberg, M.Ed., a recognized Leadership and Organizational Development expert, have launched a unique consulting group aimed at assisting start-ups and small emerging companies to manage conflict, recruit excellent talent and build high performing teams.

GHG specializes in the management of predictable conflict that frequently occurs when highly talented executives first come together in an undefined business entity. The resolution of conflict, usually between a company’s Founder and a CEO hired by an investor group or venture capitalist, in early stage companies has a positive impact on teaming, acceleration of product development, acquisition and retention of key talent and alleviates costly interruptions to product launch and commercialization.

“One of the most common reasons why start-ups do not reach full potential is that highly talented executives from diverse backgrounds are often not in alignment on key issues,” said Bob Glasberg. “The need for control, the desire for financial gain, a collision of egos and incompatible operating styles often prevent founders, investors, and executives from coming together as a successful team. The negative results can be litigation, product delays and even complete failure to bring a product to market, much to the dismay and displeasure of investment groups funding the company.”

Dr. Steve Heidel, Senior Partner, said GHG contributes to the success of the enterprise by focusing on the key employees. “Selecting and managing your management team is critical to the outcome of a start-up business. These key people need to get along with one another and work well together for the business to be a success,” said Dr. Heidel. “Since every start-up company will face one or more crises as it moves toward commercialization, it is essential to pay attention to warning signs so small problems can be identified and dealt with before they consume the staff with anger, resentment and feelings of betrayal.

“We recognize where conflict is most likely to occur and implement practices to resolve it. We build high performing leadership teams and define a culture aligned with strategic objectives while targeting individuals, dyads, and teams for the entire enterprise,” he continued.

Glasberg, Heidel and Grayson (GHG) comprise a team of board certified corporate psychologists and psychiatrists and highly experienced leadership development professionals who have helped emerging technology companies resolve conflicts and strengthen the capability of their human capital for nearly 30 years.

Steve Heidel, M.D., M.B.A has been a psychiatrist for 30 years. In 1979 he founded and served as C.E.O. of Integrated Insights, a licensed behavior health plan, an employee assistance program and a management consulting firm. After selling the business in 2003, Dr. Heidel formed Heidel and Associates to continue consulting to organizations. He combines his understanding of people and with his knowledge of business systems to help businesses manage challenging situations. Senior management consultations include assessing skills and fit within an organization, coaching to improve leadership skills, and maximizing team effectiveness. Dr. Heidel helped form GHG to focus on start-up and emerging technology companies.

Don Grayson, Ph D has practiced as a Consulting Psychologist to leaders and their organizations since 1981. From 1981 – 1987 he was a top performer for RHR International Inc. Since 1987 he has maintained an independent consulting practice. He provides executive coaching, team building, leadership training, psychological assessments, 360-degree feedback processes, organizational studies, and culture change initiatives. Since 1998, Dr. Grayson has been President of PsyPro Corporation, a firm of psychologists that develops computer-generated reports on personality types and profiles for use in the workplace.

Bob Glasberg, M.Ed, has a rich business history both as a corporate executive and organizational business consultant. In each environment he has been recognized for maximizing the contributions of key executives thus increasing the performance of the companies they lead. Glasberg started his career with American Express. As SVP of Human Resources he had accountability for leadership development to the corporation’s top tier of senior executives. He has also been Senior Vice President and Managing Director with four of the largest international executive coaching firms. In 2001 he founded Executive Coaching & Career Consulting, an organization devoted to offering state-of-the-art executive coaching to C level business leaders.

GHG services include Executive Assessment, Executive Coaching, Organizational Assessment, Conflict Management and Team Building. The company works closely with stakeholders to improve individual, team and organizational performance. While work is tailored to the unique needs of each company, a consistent GHG process is followed including Assessment, Feedback and Improvement.

“Ultimately, our engagement success is measured by our ability to influence the organization to come together as a team, resolve predictable conflict, reach agreeable compromise, communicate effectively, curb counterproductive behaviors, select and assimilate new executives into the existing team, enhance succession planning, conserve capital and work with stakeholders to keep product development on schedule,” said Dr. Grayson.

For more information on GHG and Associates, call 858-483-9900 or visit


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