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Strategic Operations Unveils Human Worn Partial Task Surgical Simulator (‘Cut Suit’)

SAN DIEGO — November 29, 2010 — Strategic Operations, a San Diego-based company specializing in Hyper-Realistic™ training environments for military, law enforcement and homeland security, will unveil its innovative Human Worn Partial Task Surgical Simulator (“Cut Suit”) at I/ITSEC, the world’s largest modeling, simulation and training show for the military, November 29 to December 2. Strategic Operations will be at Booth 2913 and will feature daily demonstrations of the Cut Suit.

Strategic Operations Executive Vice President Kit Lavell said the Patent Pending “Cut Suit” is the most realistic way to simulate the look, feel and smell effects of severe traumatic events on a live human while allowing medics, combat lifesavers, soldiers, sailors, marines, airmen and civilian first responders to safely perform real medical procedures on a live human. From the point of wounding, where self-aid and buddy-aid are rendered, the Medic or Corpsman renders aid, CasEvac or MedEvac is performed, treatment en route, and transition of care to the shock/trauma team and surgical intervention.

According to Lavell, the key features of the Cut Suit include —
• The system can be worn during even intensely physical scenarios at the POI (Point of Injury);
• The system weighs approximately 30 Lbs (approximately equivalent to a current defense issued, fully-loaded IBA);
• Body armor, uniform, clothing and equipment is not only don-able over the system but usable;
• The system allows for interaction with a live patient during the emergency assessment and treatment process;
• The skin and organs are user repairable, allowing for multiple uses per unit (well beyond 50 repairs to fully lacerated skin)
• Interchangeable organs, variable rate beating heart and variable blood flow; and
• Wounds created by the user Breakable and repairable bones (ribs & sternum).

Medical procedures available on the Cut Suit, include:

• Extremity tourniquet application and hemorrhage control;
• Extremity arterial hemorrhage clamping;
• Needle and Surgical Chricothyroidotomy;
• Bilateral Chest Needle Thoracentesis
• Surgical Chest Tube Thoracotomy;
• Surgical incisions to the thoracic and abdominal cavity with venous bleeding;
• Thoracotomy & Intra-thoracic exploration and hemorrhage control of gross organ structures;
• Laporotomy & Intra-abdominal exploration and hemorrhage control of gross organ structures;
• Suturing or stapling of gross organs & skin in all locations; and
• Urinary catheterization and bladder tap Peripheral IV access.

About Strategic Operations, Inc.

Strategic Operations, on the lot of Stu Segall Productions, San Diego’s only full-service TV / movie studio, provides “Hyper-RealisticTM” training services and products for military, law enforcement and other organizations responsible for homeland security. Strategic Operations employs state-of-the-art Hollywood battlefield special effects, combat wound effects, role player actors, subject matter experts, construction, transformation and enhancement of military ranges, mobile MOUT facilities and specialized equipment, including live fire targets to create training environments that are the most unique in the industry. Since 2002, Strategic Operations has provided training support to more than 370,000 Marines, Soldiers, Sailors, and Coast Guard personnel prior to deployment to Iraq and Afghanistan. For more information, visit


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