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MMC Directing Word of Mouth Marketing Program for KOOL ‘N FIT Sport

SAN DIEGO — July 15, 2010 — Merrill Marketing/Communications will develop and implement a word of mouth marketing program for KOOL ‘N FIT Sport, the world’s first sports performance spray. The program will identify and mobilize KOOL ‘N FIT Sport brand ambassadors to assist the company’s overall social and viral marketing public relations program. KOOL ‘N FIT? Sport Performance Spray is a proven, all natural, and effective vasodilating spray used by professional and amateur athletes alike to achieve an edge over their competition through better warm-up, higher performance and faster recovery. KNF Sport vitalizes the muscular system by increasing blood flow (up to 30%), by relaxing tight muscles, and by avoiding cramping and fatigue. When used before, during, and after competition maximum workload can be achieved and maintained, injury risk is being minimized, and recovery is accelerated. This time-tested German atomizing spray formula contains 12 herbal ingredients, is easy to use, safe and effective, and generates a feeling of well-being, too. KOOL ‘N FIT Sport is manufactured by San Diego-based KOOL FIT America. For more information or to purchase online, visit KOOL ‘N FIT Sport @, Follow KNF Sport on Twitter @KoolNFitSport and Fan KNF on Facebook @ KOOL ‘N FIT.


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